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Research Team in Language, Literature & Arts Education

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General aim of the network: To contribute to the improvement of language, literature & arts education  in secondary and higher educatio and the effective use of language in learning. We focus on the improvement of learning processes, task processes and task results.

Fields of specialization Focus on learning activities
    Writing education
    Fiction/Literature education
    Arts education
    Language and communication skills
    Inquiry learning:
    (1) observational learning, (2) dialogic learning, (3) learning & communication communities.
    Language use to support learning:
    (1) writing, (2) discussing/dialogue, (3) questioning
Domains of study

Specific domains

Learning processes
Task processes
Task results

Dutch language and literature (L1)
English as a foreign/second language (L2)
German as a foreign language (L2)
Classic Languages (Latin)
Spanish (L1 writing in Chili)
Vietnamese (L1 writing in Vietnam)
Science philosophy