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Research Team in Language, Literature & Arts Education

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Projects Overview 01 07 2018

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Running, Grant provider

Literature education: insights in self and others

Marloes Schrijvers

Tanja Janssen, Olivia Fialho,
Gert Rijlaarsdam

2014-2018, NWO.

Teaching literary texts to improve thinking.

Martijn Koek

Tanja Janssen,
Gert Rijlaarsdam

2014-2018. NWO

Strategic translating Latin. Studies to improve the teaching of effective and meaningful translation of Latin

Suzanne Luger

Caroline Kroon, Suzanne Adema, Gert Rijlaarsdam

2014-2018, NWO

Creative writing to boost writing development

Anouk ten Peze

Tanja Janssen,
Gert Rijlaarsdam

2016-2020, NWO

Enhanced metacognitive awareness thorugh translation of Latin

Chelsea O'Brien

Suzanne Adema, Gert Rijlaarsdam

2016-2020, NWO

LIFT. Improving pre-university students’ performance in academic synthesis tasks with Level up Instructions & Feedback Tool (LIFT)

Nina Vandermeulen
Brenda van den Broek (until 01 04 2018)

Elke van Steendam, Luuk van Waes, Huub van den Bergh, Gert Rijlaarsdam

2015-2020, NWO

Creative process in visual arts and how to improve these processes

Marie-Therese van de Kamp

Wilfried Admiraal, Gert Rijlaarsdam

2011-2016, RICDE, Theresia Lyceum

Better Writing in upper primary education

Saskia Rietdijk
Daphne van Weijen

Tanja Janssen,
Huub van den Bergh,
Gert Rijlaarsdam

2012-2016, NWO

Writing synthesis texts in English as a foreign language

Mujgan Buyuktas Kara

Elke van Steendam, Gert Rijlaarsdam

Self supporting

Writing: discourse construction in two age groups

Magdalena Flores Ferres

Daphne van Weijen,
Gert Rijlaarsdam

CONYCYT Chilean grant

Learning to write and learning to evaluate synthesis texts

Liselore van Ockenburg

Daphne van Weijen,
Gert Rijlaarsdam


Improving literary insight and writing proficiency by learning to write syntheses on literary text

Tran Nguyen Huong Thao

Tanja Janssen,
Gert Rijlaarsdam

2017-2021, Vietnam Grant

Learning to write en writing to learn in history and philosophy

Lieke Holdinga

Tanja janssen,
Gert Rijlaarsdam

2018-2022, NWO/Dudok

Van papier naar scherm: het verbeteren van beschouwend synthese schrijven in VWO 4 Wetenschapsorientatie

Edith Alkema

Daphne van Weijen,
Gert Rijlaarsdam

Revius Lyceum Doorn Grant