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Research Team in Language, Literature & Arts Education

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Materials (under construction)





Yummy Yummy case
Authors: Martine Braaksma, Gert Rijlaarsdam
Theme: Learning to write; acquisition of genere knowledge
Filmclips: six filmclips from a Dutch class (13 y olds), English subtitled, that show the main scenes from the lesson series. More here
Lesson scenario and materials: here

Hypertext writing
Authors: Martine Braaksma, Else Pistoor, Gert Rijlaarsdam
Themes: Learning to write; writing to learn
Lesson :
All Materials are soon available from the Studies in Writing: PREPUBLICATIONS & ARCHIVES

Writing about short stories
Authors: Marleen Kieft, Gert Rijlaarsdam
Theme: Writing to learn and learning to write
All lesson materials for learning to write revies about short stories and to increase literary understanding and test are available. The lessons are in two versions: fro students who prefer to pre-plan thier texts and for students who prefer to write a first draft to explore thier thinking.

Writing about research in linguistics and literature
Authors: Marleen Kieft, Michel Couzijn, Gert Rijlaarsdam
Theme: Writing to learn and learning to write
All lesson materials for inquiry learning or presentational learning, teacher manuals and tests are available. The lessons are all writing expository texts as a result of inquiry in (applied) linguistics or literairy research as an introduction into doing research in Letters/Language Arts.

Reading and interpreting short stories in dialogue
Author: Tanja Janssen
Theme: Learning to interpret complex, literary stories
Grade: 10 (upper secondary, 4 havo/vwo; 15-16 years old)
Lessons: Six literature lessons in which students learn a strategy to interpret stories. The strategy consists of five steps: (1) ask yourself questions during reading, (2) choose a ‘burning question’, (3) exchange and discuss your burning question with peers, (4) formulate hypotheses, (5) find evidence in the text to substantiate your hypotheses.
Materials: all lesson materials are available in Dutch here